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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions About Errors and Omissions Insurance for Home Inspectors

Errors and Omissions Insurance Liability for home inspectors is necessary for this type of businesses because it protects the company from claims if a client holds a member of the company responsible for errors, or the failure of the company's work to perform as indicated in the contract.

Preparing for a Possible Flood

As most of us do not live in any form of "mobile" home, avoiding a flood caused by the weather, may not be a viable option, so it is best to be prepared, but what do you do?

5 Types of Liability Insurance

There are so many different types of liability insurance for you to consider. Depending on what type of business you are in, you are defiantly going to have to get some type of insurance to protect your interests. Here is a look at 5 different types of liability insurance you might need to consider:

Things To Know About Insurance Companies

There are many different types of insurance and just as many choices in types of insurance companies. Whatever you may need to have insured can be covered by some type of policy and there are also companies that will tailor a policy for one time special events. Here are some other things you might need to know about the types of insurance.

Do I Still Need Insurance in Retirement?

We all know that we could during our lifetime, become cash poor and insurance rich. So, now, during the 'golden years' of retirement, do I still need insurance in retirement?